Lead Pastor Dale Baker

Dale has been pastoring Lighthouse Church since June of 2016.  He and Laurel were married in September of 2018 after each having lost their spouse.  They are parents of 5 adult married children and grandparents of eleven amazing grandchildren.  His desire is that all would walk in the Spirit daily and see those around them as God created them and intends for them to be seen, for we are all created in His image.

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Pastoral Care:  Pastor Nancy Block

Nancy has been blessed with the gifts of mercy, faith, encouragement and healing. and have a heart to minister to those hurting and searching for their true identity in Christ’s redemption.  She utilizes the power of prayer in ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs of those she encounters through Oasis Ministries, which Nancy has developed in over 20 years of counseling ministry.

Nancy has been married to her husband Steve for 46 years and they are parents to 2 adult children and grandparents to 4 grandchildren.

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